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A Day at Camp

Every day is different at camp. We like to stay flexible and let the campers help choose the activities, while making sure to always include the favorites. This is a sample of activities we do in our schedule to give you an idea of the fun we have.


Tom Denney Program

Morning all-camp game

We start every morning with a running game in the field, because, why not!


Morning Circle

We like to gather on the logs at camp circle and do some stretching, sing a few songs and introduce Mystery Beast Clue #1 before breaking into groups.


Morning Group Time

Mondays we form our groups according to age and vote on a name. Although we have our assigned groups, we also do many all-camp things and re-organize into other groups for variation.

We review the upcoming day and get the count for free choice. We also work on our skit that will be performed at the end of the week for families and friends.



Who doesn’t love snack time!


Morning Activities

Tracking: Your counselor is lost in the woods and you need to find them while not falling for misleading clues!

Habitat Rush: Which safe spot do you run to according to what the animal is – and make sure not to get out!

Amazing Race: Work with your group to get through the Poison Ivy Patch, Swamp Pit and Water Cycle.

Scavenger Hunt: What can you find in nature?

Ponding: Catch and release frogs and fish in nets



Lunch time song and Mystery Beast Clue #2

Our counselors do everything with the campers: from playing all the games and activities to eating snack and lunch with them.


Free Choice


Arts & Crafts

Running Games: sometimes campers just want to run some more so we play Sticks/Capture the Flag, Camouflage, Kick the Can, Stampede/Sharks & Minnows, Tennis Ball Game, etc.


Afternoon Activities

Predator and Prey: An all-camp game of tag where you are with a group of animals in the food chain and you have to find food, water and shelter while tagging those in the food chain below you and avoiding getting tagged by those in the food chain above you – an all-time camp favorite.

Animal Adventures: Exotic and local animals are brought in by the Animal Adventures staff and campers learn about them and then get to pet them. Past animals have included: bunnies, turtles, snakes, alligators, ferrets, chinchillas, foxes, lizards, porcupines, skunks, frogs, beetles and more!

Shelter Building: Another camper favorite. Work with friends to build a lean-to shelter that when you are in it and water is poured over it you will stay dry.

Hike: on Fridays we do age-appropriate hikes (shorter ones for little legs and challenging ones for the kids who want to go for it) and explore trails and the interesting things that can be found like the car in the woods or the Climbing Tree.

Performance: On Fridays families and friends are invited to camp circle to watch their camper perform a skit/song that they have created, as well as enjoy a treat.


Afternoon Group Time

Write/Draw in your journal about the day to show your family and friends what you have done at camp.


Closing Circle

Mystery Beast Clue #3 and drumroll for answer.

Closing song


Activities for Anytime

Seven up, Poacher, Smog’s Jewels, Hollywood Squares, Interactive Story Time, Wax Museum, Wah, Ninja, Moshi Moshi, etc.


Special Activities

We think all of our activities are special, but we also like to kick it up a notch and add things like Sprit Days where we all come dressed for camp in a theme, or Color Wars where each group comes dressed in one color and applies face paint.


Rainy Day Activities

We play in the rain! Almost everything we do can be done in the rain. Some games are even better in the rain such as slide tag.

The canopy of trees in the woods keeps most rain off of us if we desire, however we also have a big tent if we need it.


Eco Adventures Program

EA has a flexible schedule because the campers are older and we like to give them ownership of their program. There are some set activities such as:

Kayaking games on the pond

Laser Tag in the woods

Raft building competition


Slack Line

Adventure Hike


EA 360 (a game designed by past EA campers that combines multiple games at once)

Sleep overnight in the big tent on Thursday

Campfire dinner & S’mores

Manhunt in the dark

Night time walk

Movie in the tent

Predator & Prey and Animal Adventures with Tom Denney because they always want to join in on those


Counselor in Training Program

Our CITS do everything with the staff and campers.

They play games and do activities while helping to keep the campers safe.

CITs work on responsibility, leadership, team building, communication, skill development and personal growth, so that they can gain confidence and independence for wherever their future takes them. Time at camp can be used as volunteer hours.

Do it with your friends and have fun!